Why are they using a fake domain to host websites?

Why are people using fake domain names to host sites?

I had asked a couple of people to tell me this.

The domain name isnt really that important, they said.

And if its not the same domain name, its just another IP address.

But if you look at the URL of an account hosted by an account that was hijacked, it doesnt really make any difference to the website, it just looks like the site has been compromised.

This is why it is not really important for them to use a real name.

So what about the fact that the fake name is used for hosting a fake website?

This was the main question I was asking.

I had sent an email to the company that is hosting the website asking if they were aware of this and what they had done to fix it.

So far they hadnt replied to me, I sent another email to them and then asked them again, but they didnt reply.

So I contacted the registrar and they said, we are not aware of the issue, we dont know about it, we cant comment.

So, I then asked about the IP address, and they just said that it doesnt matter because the IP addresses have been changed recently.

So then, after I asked them about this, I emailed them again and asked them if they had checked if the IPs of the accounts had changed recently or if they could send me an email about it.

The reply came back saying, it isnt relevant.

So they didnt provide any information about what happened to the IP.

Theres a problem, its not their fault, they dont know anything about this.

So my question to them is, is there anything you can do to fix this?

I didnt know if it was their fault or not.

What can you do?

I think it is a real problem, they shouldnt have hosted the fake domains.

I am not saying that it is all their fault.

It isnt a big deal.

Its a small problem.

I dont know what they were thinking.

They couldnt have known that it would have happened to them.

They are in the domain name business, so they know the IP ranges of these domains.

Its their job to host these domains and theres no problem if there are some IP addresses that have been moved, they are just hosting them.

Its not their responsibility to know about this because theres a lot of other domains that have changed and this is the first one that they host.

How can you fix this problem?

I am trying to get information from the registrant, and I dont think they are really interested in helping me.

I was also asking them if the domain names of the domains had changed and they didnt say anything, so thats another reason for not giving me any information.

So Im trying to make them aware of it.

I didnt find any information from them on this issue.

I think that they were just trying to avoid any responsibility and not to let anyone know that they have a problem with this.

This was also the main point I was trying to raise with them.

It wasnt until after I had contacted them and emailed them a couple times that I started to get any kind of response.

The replies were very limited and very cryptic.

They sent me an Email from their Customer Support team saying that there was nothing to do, they didnt even know where to send me a ticket.

They didnt even have a ticket number on their website.

So it wasnt as if I was being taken seriously.

But I asked a few questions about this and they told me that they are working on it.

And they are trying to contact the IP and they are also contacting the domain registrar.

I asked if they will give me the IP or if it would be possible to contact a registrar so that I can contact the registrants IP.

They said, there is nothing they can do about it right now.

I thought, ok, I need to get a ticket to the registranters customer support and get an email so that they can fix the issue.

So that is the main thing I need help with right now, and thats my only option.

So how can you get help with this?

Theres no help for me at the moment.

Ive never been to a support center in India.

There are no support options in India that are available.

So the only thing I have done is to contact someone on their Support Support page.

I cant even contact the support person, he doesnt have an email address.

I just cant reach him.

He didnt respond to my email and I contacted him on Facebook.

He said, well I dont have any time to help you, so I will send you an email.

So now I have to find an email account that I dont even have, because I cant go to the support page to ask for help.

I tried contacting the website owner who runs the domain and asked him if I could get his contact details.

I did a google

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