Newtek web host shuts down over security concerns

A company that provides hosting services to internet service providers (ISPs) has announced it will shut down after facing concerns about security concerns over its network.

Newtek announced the shutdown on Monday and said it was taking “appropriate action” to address the concerns raised by users.

“Newtek’s infrastructure has experienced a significant increase in network traffic since this incident,” it said in a statement.

“The Newtek team has been working diligently with customers to identify and address this issue, and is taking appropriate action to address this.”

The company, based in Perth, was formed in 2001 to provide high-speed internet access to small businesses in Australia and has been providing the service for the past two years.

“We have made a number of changes to our network to ensure that we have the best network and security to provide the service we provide our customers,” the company said in its statement.

Newtok said it had experienced “an unprecedented spike” in internet traffic following the incident, which it said had “affected the quality of services”.

“The impact on the infrastructure has resulted in an increase in internet service provider (ISP) traffic, impacting our ability to provide our service to our customers, and impacting the quality and availability of our network,” it added.

“In the future, Newtek will work to ensure our network remains strong to provide its customers with the service they have come to expect.”

The announcement comes days after Australian police investigated allegations of a paedophile ring in Sydney, where a former employee has said he was abused by a senior member of the paedophile network.

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