How to host a blog on the web, for free?

The most common question when a new service comes on the market is, “What will my blog look like?”

And that’s an important question to ask.

What’s it like to start up your blog?

How much does it cost?

How do you keep the traffic flowing?

If you’re already an established blog owner, this can be a tough question to answer.

Fortunately, there are a number of free hosting services that will help you get started with a blog.

Let’s take a look at some of the top options for new blog owners.


Free hosting.

It’s not exactly a free service, but it’s worth noting that it offers a lot more bang for your buck.

Free is worth considering if you’re a blogger, who doesn’t have a ton of budget, and have a very large audience.

The site is a pretty standard WordPress site, and has some pretty good WordPress-specific features.

For example, the blog will include a sidebar, a custom theme, a video player, and even an advanced theme that lets you customize your site’s layout.

Plus, WordPress allows you to customize your blog’s name, which is nice.

As a WordPress blogger, you’ll be able to customize the blog to look just about any way you like, so long as it’s consistent with WordPress themes.

You’ll also be able set your custom theme to show up on’s homepage, which means you’ll have an easy way to share content to your audience.

WordPress also lets you create custom landing pages and pages for specific topics.

There are a lot of different options for this WordPress.

The site is free, but the cost is a bit high.

It also comes with a WordPress Premium account, which will allow you to do things like pay a domain name and custom theme setup.



WPbeginner offers WordPress-based blogging for free, which can be great if you have a lot on your plate.

This site offers a bunch of WordPress themes and plugins, and is pretty comprehensive with a lot, but a lot can be done with a few clicks.

You can get a WordPress blog running for free with just a few steps, and there’s even a free version of WordPress.

All you have to do is upload your blog files, and you’re ready to go.

If you already have a WordPress site running, WPBeginer offers a great WordPress starter kit for free.

You get all the essentials you need for WordPress, but you also get a great free WordPress theme, plugins, a free WordPress plugin repository, and support for WordPress themes you’ve already purchased.

This service is a little pricey at $99 a year, but if you need a quick way to get your WordPress up and running, it’s a great value.


This is a great option for those who don’t have the budget to buy WordPress, and want to keep the site running without the hassle of paying for WordPress.

This WordPress hosting service offers a WordPress theme and a number a plugins.

This allows you, for example, to easily create a custom WordPress theme that will make your blog look professional.

It even has a WordPress plugin for easy sharing of your content.

The service also offers an extensive list of WordPress-related content that you can use to add to your site, like, WordPress.local, and more.

This offers a few benefits for WordPress bloggers, but is a hefty price tag for a site like this.



WordPress Host is a popular WordPress hosting company, and offers free WordPress hosting plans for a number different platforms.

Some of their offerings include a premium WordPress hosting plan for $499, and an entry-level plan for just $49.

It has a good selection of WordPress theme options, and the WordPress Host blog has a great deal of content on their WordPress hosting site.

You also get an online store, where you can buy a theme, plugin, and a custom post template.


WooCommerce. is another popular WordPress platform that’s offering a lot.

They offer a variety of WordPress hosting options, including a free starter WordPress theme for just under $99.

They also offer a very good WordPress hosting option for under $20.

They have a really wide range of WordPress plugins that can be used to customize WordPress, which also means you can easily add your own custom themes to the site.

If is your preferred hosting platform, WooCommerce can be the right platform for you.



WordPress Guru is another WordPress hosting platform that offers a free WP hosting plan.

They’ve got a few different WordPress themes for a wide variety of purposes, and also offer WordPress theme customization for free as well.

They’re a little expensive at $499 a year for a WordPress hosting account, but this should be a relatively cheap option for a blog owner who wants to get started.



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